Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dophina makan

We had a simple lunch after church service today - Hans Cafe & Cake House.

We decided to order a beef stew set and some sandwiches.

We went to FIL's and MIL's home in the evening. Everyone went for a stroll at East Coast Parkway and enjoyed the lovely evening sea breeze.

Thereafter, we adjourned to the Dolphina clubhouse located at FIL's and MIL's development.

We ordered a plate of stir-fried Chinese spinach ("puay leng").

MIL intended to order bittergourd omelette but the dish that arrived looked like sliced of bittergourd stir-fried with eggs.

There was also an order of steamed fish. MIL wanted to order garoupa but it was out of stock. The chef recommended "red fish" (in Mandarin), which FIL accepted. I wonder whether it means red snapper?

Here you go... our feast! Bon appetit!


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