Saturday, November 7, 2009

My little baking assistant

I now have a little baking assistant during the weekends.

She is none other than Da's niece, MAT.

MAT came to our home after school on Thursday, 5 November 2009 and stayed over till this evening.

This morning, while Da was at work, MAT and I shared some breakfast.

No sooner than MAT had eaten her breakfast, she started preparing the batter for a rainbow butter cake.

As MAT was preparing the cake, we were chatting and we thought of calling WC to tease him that we were baking butter cake. WC likes to eat butter cake and we wondered whether he would rush over upon hearing such news. *grin*

MAT's paternal grandmother likes butter cake and she baked the rainbow butter cake so that she could bring some home for her grandmother.

Doesn't the cake batter look lovely?

Ta-da! Fresh from the oven.

Each slice of the cake is as beautiful as the one you see below.

In the meantime, I baked some oat and pumpkin seed cookies today. I had thought of Mama N, the mother of my friend GP this morning. Mama N likes oat cookies and hence, I created these cookies with the intention to give some to Mama N on Monday, 9 November 2009. I hope that you will like the cookies, Auntie. This reminds me... I need to record down the recipe before I forget it. I had created the recipe on the spot today and I am so pleased at how the cookies turned out that I intend to post the recipe in my food blog.

Here is my little baking assistant again, getting ready for her next creation... clam chowder buns.

In the meantime, FIL and MIL came over for lunch.

MIL had brought food for herself, FIL, MAT, Da and me.

MAT ate chicken rice.

FIL ate rice with ingredients. According to him, he needs to eat rice at least once a day.

This is the fish that came with FIL's meal.

We also shared some clam chowder that I cooked. MAT used some of the clam chowder to bake the bread buns.

It was a very delicious lunch indeed.

Here is my lunch - salmon.

Here is MAT, making preparations for the bread buns.

MAT was very excited to see the buns baking in the oven.

Ta-da! The finished product. It tastes as good as it looks, by the way.

A short while later, MAT's sister (SCT) came over. Da, SCT, MAT and I shared a slice of rainbow butter cake and a slice of chocolate chip bar. The chocolate chip bar was baked by MAT yesterday.

We enjoyed having you stay over at our place, MAT. See you next week!


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