Monday, November 16, 2009

Ways of Grace

We cannot outgive God. His hand is bigger than ours.

Grace is something that we need to remind ourselves constantly. God is willing to use His power. Let our minds be renewed by the Holy Spirit and the Grace of God.

Sin shall not have dominion over us because we are under Grace and not under the law. Grace is about who God is. Under Grace, God works and Man rests in Him. God imparts righteousness. Our sins He remembers no more. We serve God out of righteousness because we have been made righteous.

Jesus came to fulfil the law. We are under Grace because the law has been fulfilled. Jesus fulfilled it. We receive abundance of Grace and the gift of righteousness through Jesus.

Believe on Jesus' name and love one another as Jesus loved us.

Today, God comes down to us in Grace to bring us to where He is. God is willing to use His power and His Grace to meet our needs. Jesus placed His hand on us, touched us and said, "I am willing.". Jesus always exceeds our requests. He is not shocked by our sins, sicknesses and bad habits. What He is in His love and Grace is better than what we are in our sin and ill health. Our sins are a claim on His saving. He came to save sinners. Our sins are a qualification to come to the throne of Grace. Grace is for undeserving, unearning and unmeriting people. God wants us to live in the realm of Grace. Our right to His fullness is our emptiness. Our right to His saving is our sin.

Jesus knows who we are and He still loves us. We need to trust His goodness and trust His Word. God does not deal with us based on the law. He deals with us based on what is in His heart. I want God to bless me based on what He has in His heart. It is a privilege to serve God. When we serve God, we fulfil something that we are hungering for. God blesses us for using the Grace that He gave us in the first place. Both riches and honour come from God. He is willing. God is for the undeserving and the unworthy. Grace is from heaven.

The bigger the problem, the easier it is for God.

We deserve nothing and we are thankful to receive anything from God. Through the finished work of Jesus at the Cross, we end up receiving everything. Everything He had, He used to serve.

Jesus' work at the Cross is finished. All the demands of the laws have been fulfilled. At the Cross, Jesus found His rest in saving us, blessing us and loving us. This is our God and our Saviour.

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