Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th? No scare!

There is something about "Friday the 13th" that invokes feelings of trepidation in a person. It could be due to the fact that historically, a lot of pranks are played on this day, either in person or otherwise. Sometimes, even our local newspapers get in the act by publishing a bogus article.

Furthermore, "13" is believed by some people to equate to "bad luck".

Today was an uneventful Friday the 13th insofar as pranks and bad luck were concerned. However, it was a very busy day at work with some light hearted moments especially in the later part of the afternoon.

Life is short - enjoy it while we can!

Da's niece, MAT has come to our home for another weekend sleepover. When I finished my work for today, MAT accompanied Da to fetch me from work. As I stepped into the elevator when it arrived at my floor, there were two other persons in the lift. They seemed to know each other. One of them commented to the other, "Looks like we are not the only ones at work so late.". I smiled in response.

When we reached home, FIL and MIL were already at our home. MIL had thoughtfully bought dinner for me comprising toufu and chee cheong fun. I found both dishes salty due to the sauce that was added.

FIL brought a bunch of small bananas. When he saw me eyeing the bananas with a speculative gleam in my eye, he told me, "Eat the bananas, okay? Don't use them in your baking.". MAT and I laughed in response but made no promises. Hmm... where did I keep my banana cake recipe? *grin*

The end of the year is coming and I cannot wait for Christmas!


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