Saturday, September 26, 2009

saturday visitors

Da had to work this morning. Also, he had arranged for our car to be serviced, with the intention to send the car for the testing that is mandatory before our road tax can be renewed.

This afternoon, I busied myself with baking (what else?). I baked some sausage buns. I used the pork sausages that MIL had given us recently. The "topping" that you see on top of each bun comprises grated mozarella cheese and castor sugar.

I also baked a mango jam cake. The slices of cake are shaped this way because I used a bundt pan to bake the cake.

As we will be having visitors later, I also baked some cherry muffins. The muffins look so colourful because I used red cherries and green cherries. Hmm... reminds me of Christmas!

We were running out of bread and as such, I baked a loaf of mango jam bread.

In the afternoon, FIL and MIL paid us a visitor. Goodness me... they bought enough food to feed an army!

FIL and MIL bought a roll of popiah for me. Although MIL requested the stallholder not to add any chilli (as I do not eat chilli), I could still taste the chilli in the popiah. It could be due to the fact that the stallholder may have used the same spoon to spread the chilli sauce and the sweet sauce on the popiah skin. As such, I decided to share the popiah with the others.

MIL bought four siew mai from a dim sum stall at the Marine Parade hawker centre. It seems that the two stallholders are from Hong Kong and speak only Cantonese. They apparently do not speak English nor Mandarin.

Dim sum establishments are known for their char siew pau and as such, MIL bought three of these to be shared.

MIL also bought some Hong Kong style chee cheong fun (without chilli) for me. I prefer the Hong Kong style chee cheong fun to the local type of chee cheong fun. Unfortunately, the prawn did not taste very fresh as I found it a little "mi mi". I am not sure how to translate "mi mi" into English but perhaps the closest would be that the prawn was not firm?

FIL, MIL and Da ate a packet of chicken rice each. MIL did not buy chicken rice for me because this stall only sells steamed white chicken whereas I prefer roast chicken.

In the late afternoon, the family of the Three Musketeers came to our home. We had not seen them in several weeks. While they swam at our swimming pool, we took FIL and MIL for a stroll around our estate. As we were on our stroll, we saw a cat perched at the window ledge of a neighbouring development. It looked very comfortable sitting there!

FIL and MIL declined to join the rest of us for dinner. As such, Da ordered home delivery from KFC.

The party pack came with cole slaw and whipped potato as well. This reminds me... when I was in junior college, my friend NN could finish an entire container of whipped potato by himself, if I recall correctly.

I baked some garlic bread using homemade bread and homemade garlic spread.

The highlight of the night was, of course, watching Manchester United football club win their soccer match. Go, Red Devils, go!


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