Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Give me some spinach!

Da's and my healthy breakfast (well, almost healthy!) continued this morning with homemade bread. We placed slices of backbacon on the bread (which was lightly buttered), added freshly ground mixed peppercorn on top of the backbacon and toasted the sandwich in the oven at 120 degrees celsius for 10 minutes. As a result, the bread was warm but not hard and the bacon was warm but not dry. A delicious combination!

Gosh, it rained cats and dogs during lunchtime today. As such, Da and I could not meet up for lunch. He ate fish soup near his office whereas I bought vegetables with steamed white rice from the coffeeshop near my office.

In the evening, my mother sent me a text message on my mobile phone informing me that my brother (LG) suggested having dinner at "Tian Siao Er" today. I do not recall having eaten at this eating establishment before but I understand that it is located at Marina Square.

LG came to my office to fetch Da and me. Thereafter, we went to my mother's home to fetch my mother and ZT (LG's girlfriend). By the time we set off, it was about 8.30 pm already. The last order at "Tian Siao Er" is apparently quite early and as such, we decided to change our dinner venue. Suggestions were raised and discussed and suddenly, the name "Popeyes" was suggested.

Popeyes is a franchise chain that sells New Orleans cajun fried chicken. The nearest outlet to my mother's home is located at our Changi Airport Terminal One. As it has been some time since we last ate at Popeyes, we agreed to proceed there for dinner.

The open-air carpark at the airport was crowded when we arrived. After we parked the car, we walked a short distance to the arrival terminal of the airport. Gosh, the airport is undergoing some upgrading works and there were some diversions and barricades around.

I was intrigued when I saw a poster regarding a "Changi Airport Race". It seems that there will be a race between a jetliner and a car to be held at the airport in the near future. Who will win the race?

We decided to use the escalator instead of the elevator to get to level 3 where the food outlets were. Well, we needed to do a bit of walking before our dinner. *grin*

Ta-da! Louisana-style cajun fried chicken for dinner. Each meal came with a savoury biscuit, a side order and a drink.

While the rest of us ordered 2-piece meal or (in the case of LG) 3-piece meal, ZT ordered a different set comprising 1 piece of chicken, 1 chicken drumlet and 2 pieces of chicken tenders.

No visit to Popeyes would be complete without eating their cajun fries.

There was a television screen located at Popeyes where the Popeye-cartoon was shown. Hey, this reminds me... if this is Popeyes, why is there no spinach on the menu?

Burp! After a very heavy dinner, we made our way back.

Out of "guilt", we have decided to have a healthy dinner tomorrow - cornflakes with low fat milk!

By the way, LG told us about an acquaintance who lost more than 10kg in a month or two simply by cutting out carbohydrates in her meals. The only exercise she did was to take a walk once a week. Sounds tempting? I do have a query, though. If we cut out carbohydrates in our meals, would we end up increasing our protein intake and thereby put more stress on our kidney/liver? This is a question for my dear cousin (the doctor-in-training), Miss Doc to answer. Hi girl, what are your views?


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Anonymous said...

Hi Pebbles,

As to your question "Who will win the race?", here's the answer...

"A Porsche 911 GT3 edged out a Boeing 747 jet by 0.4 secs to win the "Changi Airport Race" =)

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