Monday, September 7, 2009

Go with the flow

Question - how do you manage your waistline?

Answer - go with the flow and eat whatever your inner spirit tells you.


Da and I felt like having a healthy breakfast this morning. As such, we ate homemade pine nuts bread with picnic ham and cheese. We also shared a mug of coffee.


I had a lunch appointment with LSD and JJB (ie. Johor Jaya Boy?) today. We met at Beach Road (which is near their office) and proceeded to a small hotel (whose name I cannot recall) located at Beach Road. Gosh, the hotel not only looks old, the restaurant looks just as old. I like the rustic and cozy feel in the restaurant.

JJB ordered claypot chicken rice.

Being the growing girl that LSD is, she needs more calories (to do her market analysis) and as such, she ordered claypot curry chicken with steamed white rice.

I was not sure what Grand Lady Chef and Young Lady Chef would be cooking for dinner today. Would it be rice again? In any event, I felt like eating noodles for lunch. As such, I decided to order claypot chicken noodles. It was delicious but I found it a little oily.

As we were near Purvis Street, I could hear YY Kafei Dian's famous doughnuts calling my name. As such, after lunch, I bought several doughnuts and brought them back to the office to be shared among my colleagues. As I sat on the bus on the way back to the office, I took out my camera to take a photograph of the doughnut. For a fleeting moment, I toyed with the idea of keeping one doughnut for myself. However, as fast as that thought came to me, it went away. I felt no desire to eat doughnuts today. As such, I regretfully placed the doughnut back into the plastic bag with the rest of the doughnuts.


In the evening, ZT (girlfriend of my brother, LG) sent me a text message on my mobile phone to inform me that the Grand Lady Chef was frying rice for dinner tonight. Thank goodness I did not eat rice for lunch today! Otherwise, I would have been a "rice bucket" again. *grin*

LG came to my office to fetch me after work. By the time the two of us arrived at my mother's home, dinner was ready.

Da had to work late and as such, while we were eating our dinner halfway, Da arrived. Not to worry - we had saved a portion of the dinner for him.

Boy-Boy was being his cute self tonight. He willingly posed for photographs in the kitchen. Doesn't he look absolutely adorable in the photograph below? Awww....

I have been reading "How to hear from God" by Joyce Meyer at night recently (before I sleep). It is amazing how the Lord speaks to us in so many ways. It is not common that we hear any audible voice of the Lord. More often than not, it is a question of whether we feel the peace doing something.

Also, God's timing is amazing. He paves the way and things just happen to fall into place. When you look back and think about it, the events that have unfolded have the hand of God written all over them.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. He came to set us free. Through His perfect and finished work at the Cross, we are blessed beyond whatever we can ask or think. How frequently do we encounter situations when the Lord more than answers our prayers and best of all, He comes through for us faster than we expect.

Lord, I am so grateful for all the blessings that you have shown my family and I. We love You, because You first loved us. Amen.


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