Wednesday, September 2, 2009

the cornflakes dinner that was not

Last night, my family and I agreed to eat cornflakes with low-fat milk for dinner today. Well, perhaps I should clarify. My mother, Da and I need to watch our waistline and we readily agreed. The rest of the gang? Hmm...

Da and I went to the hawker centre at Marine Parade Central for breakfast today. As I was still full from our Popeyes' dinner the night before, I could only eat a light breakfast this morning. As such, I ate 1 1/2 bread buns (which we bought from a confectionery located next to the hawker centre). Da ate the remaining 1/2 bread bun as well as some chee cheong fun and chwee kueh.

When I arrived at work, I decided to buy some fruit juice (comprising pineapple mixed with celery) before I entered my office building.

The fruit juice did the trick. Feeling a lot "lighter" by lunch time, Da and I met for lunch at Hans Cafe and Cake House at Springleaf Building. Da ordered the Hainanese pork chop set lunch.

I ordered something that I had been eyeing every since I saw our godson (DT) eat it at the Marine Parade outlet of Hans Cafe and Cake House - spaghetti de rebus. While DT ordered the non-vegetarian version (which came with prawns), I decided to order the vegetarian version. The difference between both versions is the prawn. This dish is served with spaghetti noodles. However, when Da placed the order, they had run out of spaghetti noodles and they offered to substitute with linguine instead. Yippee! I prefer linguine to regular spaghetti noodles.

The pasta was so satisfying that I did not even reach for any snacks in the evening.

When I met Da after work, I was still raving about my lunch. It was really yummy and I intend to eat it again.

I called my mother to remind her about our cornflakes dinner. However, when Da and I arrived at my mother's home, we realised that the Head Chef (my brother, LG) was back from work.

I proceeded to my mother's kitchen where I saw the Head Chef busy at the stove. I leaned over and asked him, "What happened to our cornflakes dinner?". He grinned and replied that we can eat cornflakes another time.

What can I say? Head Chef was displaying his culinary skills again. The menu for tonight? Linguine with clam chowder sauce.

Head Chef had sliced some of the back bacon that I ordered recently.

He also cooked some linguine.

For the gravy, he used canned New England clam chowder. In addition to the back bacon, he also added chick peas and sliced button mushrooms to the gravy.

LG, Da and I sprinkled bacon bits on our respective plates of pasta.

My mother and ZT decided to have their pasta "neat".

Party time! LG and Da drank a small bottle each of Tiger beer with their pasta.

Boy-Boy waited at the dinner table, looking expectant. What was he waiting for?

Ah... ZT had bought some baked goodies today.

Boy-Boy loved the egg tarts!

He also enjoyed the bread with pork floss and bak kwa.

We did not eat cornflakes with low fat milk for dinner today. Tomorrow?



Anonymous said...

what cake is that in the last pict? it looks yummy....


Pebbles - the Lord's Beloved said...


It was actually bread. There was bak kwa sandwiched between the bread. :)

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