Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I'm swaying

It was an interesting evening today. At the end of the workday, I was recording a meeting date in my diary when I suddenly felt myself swaying backwards and forwards.

For a moment, I wondered whether what I was warned has come true. Some time ago, a doctor told me that I was "low blood" (I guess that means that I have low blood pressure?) and that such people are at risk of fainting spells. I have never fainted in my life (thank the Lord!) and just as I was swaying, I wondered whether this was my first experience at fainting.

However, I overheard some colleagues asking each other, "Did you feel that?". That was when I realised that our office building was swaying! Our office building is located in the Central Business District of Singapore.

I recall that some time ago, the people in the building where LSD works felt tremours when there was an earthquake in nearby Indonesia and they were evacuated.

Today, even the door to my room was swinging from left to right as we felt the tremours. When I tried to stand up, I nearly lost my balance and I had to sit down again.

By the time the swaying subsided, I was feeling nauseous. Several colleagues and I decided to call it a day and leave for home. One of my colleagues told me that there was likely to be an earthquake in nearby Sumatra and it must have been a very bad earthquake. Some colleagues decided to walk down the staircase to the ground level. I was in two minds whether to take the elevator or to walk down the staircase. I was not looking forward to walking down several flights of stairs.

By the time I reached the lift lobby, I decided to take the elevator since another colleague had done so. There is safety in numbers, I guess? Or we were equally foolhardy. *grin*

As I left my office building, I saw many people standing outside my office building. The same situation was prevalent at the other buildings surrounding my office building. At that moment, I wondered why there was no public announcement in my office building advising us to evacuate the building. Hi LSD, when your office building experienced the tremours, was there any public announcement advising you to evacuate the building?

With shaky legs and still feeling nauseous, I contacted Da and we arranged to meet at the bus stop near his office. I could have gone to the bus stop nearer my office but I decided that I needed the walk to clear my nerves.

By the time I met up with Da, I thought that I was feeling better. However, when I reached his side, my legs nearly gave way and I had to grab his hand to steady myself. Gosh, this is the first time in my life that I have felt any tremours from a neighbouring earthquake.

When we reached home, I decided to cook a simple dinner for the two of us. On 28 September 2009, my mother had given us a pot of ABC soup that she had cooked. We had a little leftover soup (with some ingredients) and I decided to use the soup as a base. I added some green leafy vegetables, several slices of salmon (marinated in curry powder), egg and instant noodles.

This is Da's bowl of noodle soup.

This is my bowl of noodle soup. I was not able to finish the soup, though.

Did you experience any tremours arising from the earthquake today? What was your experience like?


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Alex said...

i read this in a totally different way! lol

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