Sunday, September 13, 2009


This song is one of the many compositions by the Music Ministry at the church that Da and I attend. I have reached the stage in my life where (due to lack of practice), I now have difficulty reading Chinese characters. However, as I speak the Mandarin language to some clients in the course of my work, I fortunately still have a working command of the spoken Mandarin language.

When I first heard this song being sung in church, the lyrics called out to me. I bought the single CD and I asked a colleague to help read out the lyrics in Mandarin while I penned down the lyrics in hanyu pinyin. I then memorised the lyrics.

I have since sung this most beautiful song (in my head and aloud) so many times that I no longer need to refer to the handwritten hanyu pinyin lyrics.





Jesus will love us forever. When we are weak, He will lift us up.

The magnitude of His love for us is beyond comprehension. He will never leave us nor forsake us.

He said that we are His beloved. He knows what we are doing at any point in time and He is always concerned for us.

He loves us to the ends of the ocean. Words cannot express his magnanimity.

He took away our pains and worries. His precious blood washes us clean of our sins.

Jesus, we love You. We love You deeply... because You first loved us. You bring us comfort and Your love has saved us.

Abba Father, I thank You for the precious gift of Your Son. I do not deserve what He has done for me. He has saved me, He has taken away my sins and my diseases and He has given me freedom to soar on eagle's wings. I have lost count of the number of times where things just fall into place. It is not a mere coincidence. I know that it is Jesus. It is not about how good I have been or what I have done. Nothing that I do right will earn me salvation and nothing wrong that I do will cause me to lose that salvation. The gift of grace and righteousness and non-imputation of sin in my life is a blood-bought gift, bought by the shedding of the most precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus, I love You... because You first loved me. Amen.

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