Friday, September 25, 2009

Night visit

MIL paid us a visit this evening. FIL had a meeting to attend and MIL was a "free agent". As such, she decided to bring some dinner over.

MIL bought some yong tau hu for us from the Marine Parade hawker centre.

When MIL arrived, she made herself at home in the kitchen.

She had requested the stallholder to pack the soup separately.

I had bought several curry puffs from a coffee shop near my office this evening. As such, I heated up two curry puffs for MIL.

I tried to take candid photographs of MIL but I think the smart cookie knew that I was "lurking about" because she was smiling even though she was not looking in the direction of the camera.

As the soup had turned cold by the time MIL arrived, she decided to heat up the soup in a pot.

Da had brought back several sugar rolls from Polar Cake Shop. Yummy! I like sugar rolls!

When the soup was boiling, MIL turned off the flame and ladled the soup into a bowl.

Thank you, MIL for the dinner. It was very thoughtful of you.


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