Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy birthday, LG

It is the birthday of my brother, LG today.

The birthday celebrations were held at our home. Present were my family and Da's parents.

The menu for the dinner party? Canadian 2-for-1 pizza. We shared 6 types of pizzas!

Boy-Boy is always included in any birthday celebration. As such, he came along to join in the fun as well.

Time for the cake! Earlier today, I bought a cake for LG from Four Leaves Bakery at Parkway Parade.

The birthday boy gamely posed for photographs. This was my opportunity to take many photographs of the handsome young man because he is usually camera-shy. This time, he had no opportunity to "run away from the camera" as he was busy blowing the candles, cutting the cake, etc.

Boy-Boy was very well behaved as he watched his daddy demonstrate how to slice a cake into nine erm... almost-equal slices.

This is the first time that I have eaten a cake from Four Leaves Bakery. I have to say that I was very pleased with the cake. It was very soft.

The cake was so soft that LG struggled to slice the cake and to transfer each slice onto the plate. In the end, he had to use two knives.

LG managed to distribute the entire cake. Well done, bro!

Ta-da! Mission accomplished. Nine lovely slices of cake for our enjoyment.

Boy-Boy was in a "manja" mood and he enjoyed the "sayang" treatment that I gave him.

Awww.... look at the sweetie pie!

LG, on the occasion of your birthday, I wish you a hundredfold blessings. May the favour of the Lord be upon you today and always.



llacer said...


the pizza looks great. May I know which piza company ? thanks:)

Pebbles - the Lord's Beloved said...

Hi Ilacer,

We ordered the pizza from Canadian 2-for-1 pizza. Tel: +65 62410241

Bon appetit!


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