Wednesday, September 9, 2009

busy, busy, busy

Da and I went to the Marine Parade hawker centre for breakfast this morning. Da ordered a bowl of lontong while I ordered breakfast beehoon.

The Malay stall that sold the lontong had just displayed a batch of freshly deep-fried chicken wings. On the recommendation of the stallholder, Da ordered a chicken wing and shared it with me. It was tasty. My guess is that the stallholder may have added turmeric to the marinade.

Gosh, it has been such a busy day today. Time really flies when you are enjoying your work.

I worked through my lunch hour rushing some work. By the time I left the office in search of some food, it was past 2.30 pm. Most of the stalls near my office had already closed by then. I managed to locate a stall in a coffee shop in the building next to my office that sells Japanese food. I debated what to order and finally decided on chicken-katsu-don. As per my custom, I poured some miso soup over the rice (yes, I can imagine some people cringing right now) and ate it with gusto. I also liked the scoop of mashed potato although I did not fancy the raw cabbage.

Da and I left work late and we rushed to run some errands after that. As such, by the time we arrived at my mother's home, it was past 10 pm. As we reached the gate, my mother, my brother (LG) and LG's girlfriend (ZT) happened to come back from their dinner at Carl's Jr.

Due to the lateness of the hour, Da and I decided to eat a light dinner. As such, ZT warmed up some curry puffs that she had bought recently and Da and I ate one curry puff each. When I saw the curry puff, I wondered whether the curry puff would be spicy. I have ever bought from other stalls curry puffs with similar design and they were all spicy. However, to my pleasant surprise, the curry puffs that ZT bought were not very spicy, especially when accompanied by a hot mug of Chinese tea.

Yawn! Look at the lateness of the hour. I am off to dreamland.


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