Sunday, August 3, 2008

In the line of fire

Last night, I watched the last part of a movie based on the life of Veronica Guerin, who was an Irish reporter who was killed by the drug lords whom she was reporting on.

At the end of the movie, Sinead O'Connor sang FUNERAL SONG as the movie showed scenes of the funeral. The song was so haunting. Da informed me that this type of music was typical of Irish music. Incidentally, I am not sure whether the title of the song is FUNERAL SONG. That is the title that was stated in the closing credits of the movie. However, in YouTube, the title of the song seems to be ONE MORE DAY.

This morning, when I woke up, I decided to look for the song on YouTube. So here it is:-

I remember that years ago, I watched a movie (based on a real event) starring Michelle Peiffer and Robert Redford where the wife (played by Michelle) watched with horror on television as her husband (played by Robert) was reporting "live" from a dangerous zone when he was killed in the line of fire.

Why must there be so much hatred and anger in the world? Why can we not all live in peace and harmony? When our Lord Jesus Christ comes again for us in the 2nd Coming, our lives will all be ruptured and we will be transported to eternity. Until then, why do we have to live amongst so much unhappiness?

We are all just doing our job. If we are assigned a work that requires us to go to dangerous zones (eg. report on activities at war scenes or report on activities of drug lords) or do things that are not all "lovey-dovey" (eg. coordinate activities and in so doing, we have to push others to meet deadlines), why do the others react so badly? There is no necessity to react negatively. I pray for salvation for their souls.

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