Thursday, August 7, 2008

hanyu pinyin

Today, I stumbled upon a website that can translate words from the English language into the Chinese language and also provide the hanyu pinyin spelling of the Chinese word(s)!

The html link for this website is

I have added this link to my blog under "My favourite links".

This is so exciting!

Imagine how impressive I would look if I were to slip in a Chinese word or two when emailing friends, relatives and/or colleagues!

As a matter of fact, I "drove a friend up the wall" today when I kept inserting Chinese words when chatting with her online. She retaliated by writing complete sentences in Chinese! Goodness me! My dear girl, my standard of the Chinese language has not reached the stage where I can read an entire sentence. I must admit that although I replied your messages, there was some guesswork involved, that is, I read those words that I could recognise and guessed the rest of your sentence.

What is hanyu pinyin? It is Mandarin in romanised format. Literally translated, "hanyu pinyin" means "spelling of the sound of Chinese language".

In Singapore schools, hanyu pinyin is used to teach students the Mandarin pronunciation of Chinese words.

Hanyu pinyin has also become a tool for foreigners to learn the Mandarin pronunciation.

Well, lest it be said that I do not test out my new "toy", I used the website to translate some words from English into Chinese:-

(1) yellow - 黄 - huáng

(2) goat - 羊- yáng

(3) hair - 发 - fà

(4) bear - 熊 - xióng

(5) devil - 魔 - mó

(6) younger brother - 弟 - dì

(7) moral - 道德 - dào dé

(8) red - 红 - hóng

Do check out the website!


Verytiki said...

haha...good. You don't need me to do the translations anymore with the mandarintools. Heng ah....

wesirelander said...

Yes, indeed! You did almost drive me up the wall but well...when it comes to "driving people up the wall", I am the expert..haha

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