Friday, August 8, 2008

10 little things that make me happy

SPD has tagged me, so I need to blog about 10 little things that make me happy!

Well, after having given this topic some thought, here is my list (in no particular order):-

(1) spending time and bonding with Da / my family / my friends (including the gang) (remark: I had initially split this into 3 items because I felt that these are 3 separate things. However, upon receiving feedback from BH that I "cheated", I have combined these into 1 item. Besides, I have since thought of 2 new items to add to my list, ie. items (2) and (3) below)

(2) eating at the coffee shop at Jalan Tua Kong (note: not the one near the main road. I am referring to the coffee shop near Figaro Street)

(3) receiving a word of thanks from clients (remark: there is such a warm feeling inside of you (Gosh! This makes me want to sing "Top of the World"!) when you receive such feedback. It makes you feel that notwithstanding all the stress and hard work, the smile on the client's face or the simple "thank you so much" from the client makes it all worth the while)

(4) going on holidays abroad (remark: preferably not cruises. There is simply too much to eat and I am claustrophobic!)

(5) getting a bargain when it comes to clothes, etc (remark: my dear BH, handbags from Petaling Street are not bad in quality, you know! You just have to choose carefully)

(6) KTV sessions with the gang (comment: speaking of this, when is our next session?)

(7) chatting on msn with my family, my cousins, LSD, BD, SPD, Tiki, Supercute, Black Ninja, Eddie, Eddy, Xiao Bai, Big Eyes, Swimmer, 猫, etc etc etc... the list goes on!

(8) listening to the playlist on my blog and singing at the top of my voice (comment: yeah, I irritate my colleagues by singing very loudly at work. Sometimes I even get carried away and hum along in the taxi when I hear a familiar song being played on the radio)

(9) cooking / baking (comment: and more importantly, feeding everyone with the food that I have cooked / baked!)

(10) pampering myself (eg. facials, hair-rebonding, etc) (remark: so much to do and so little time! Liposuction, anyone?)

SPD and LSD have blogged about this topic, so BD, I'm tagging you! Next!

1 comment:

wesirelander said...

1) Ref to (1), BH was not the first person who spotted the cheating part. It was SPD. BH just cant claim all the blame...oops I mean "credit", right?

2) Ref to (5), BH don't even have time to go her fav place- Paragon. So let's not talk abt Pentaling St.

3) With ref to (6), YOU ARE HOOKED!

4) Ref to (8), think is best to heed my advice and make sure you refrain from doing the humming in the cab part. Wouldnt want u to end up in somewhere. Though I would love to tell u this- "I TOLD U SO!"

5) Ref to (9), you just want to make sure everyone is heavier than u...tsk tsk...EVIL!

6) With ref to (10), I have set out the conditions for your consideration. Till date, no response from well...

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