Monday, August 25, 2008

Goodbye Beijing, Hello London!

Da and I were on the way to church yesterday when my mother called me. She said that my brother was going to display his culinary skills and cook dinner that night.

My brother specialises in pasta. His Aglio Olio is superb! It is rare that my brother decides to cook a Chinese meal. This I had try!

After church, Da and I went to the gym. Instead of our usual walking on the treadmill, I decided to be more adventurous and jog. So, after about 20 minutes of brisk walking on the treadmill, I increased the speed on the treadmill and started to jog. I am so grateful for the invention of the ipod! Without the ipod plugged to my ears, I doubt I would have been able to jog for 20 minutes. In fact, at the end of the 20 minutes of jogging, I was still raring to go. However, it was time to stop as we had a dinner feast awaiting us!

So off we went to my mother's place. Goodness me! My brother was serious about cooking dinner! The food that he was preparing looked sufficient to feed an army. My mother, my brother and my brother's girlfriend looked very busy in the kitchen, so after half-heartedly offering my help (heehee!), I sauntered to my mother's room and started to blog my usual Sunday worship blog (please see my post on 24 August 2008). I have more to add to the topic of the anointing oil and I shall be posting some testimonies soon.

While waiting for dinner, I switched on the television and started watching the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony. After the pomp and splendour of the opening ceremony, I have to say that the closing ceremony was a bit of a let-down. Furthermore, as the singers were performing, I could not help wondering whether they were really singing or were merely lip-synching. Tsk.... such cynicism! Did you notice the little kids at the closing ceremony? They all looked alike! Goodness!

We could have done better at the 2008 Olympics but we should not downplay the achievements of our table-tennis players who came back with a Silver medal (which we waited more than 40 years for). Special mention should also be made to our swimmer, Tao Li, who apparently broke the Asian record twice. Well done, girls! Keep the faith and I am sure that we will perform better in the 2012 Olympics to be held in London.

London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down... London bridge is falling down, my fair lady!

As aromatic smells were waffling from the kitchen, my brother's girlfriend started bringing out the dishes and placing them on the table. Goodness me! My brother had outdone himself this round! Accompanying steamed rice were:-
(a) garden salad with thousand island dressing
(b) stir-fried chicken fillet
(c) chai-por omelette
(d) stir-fried capsicum, carrots and preserved meat (the meat was given by my mother's customer who lives in Canada)
(e) stir-fried cabbage (note: I suggested to my brother that the next time he wants to slice the cabbage thinly and fry them, to consider frying them with tumeric and mustard seeds - I learned this recipe from Da's friend in Perth)
(f) braised chicken

Well done, bro! It was an excellent meal!

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Verytiki said...

How lucky you are to enjoy sumptious meals, having good company and watching the spectacular olympic ceremony.

I think London will not be able to put up a better show. I guess most of their performance will be musicals.

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