Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Thy loving kindness is better than wine

I have often heard Psalm 91 preached in church. I have also seen countless miracles happen in my life. Things just seem to fall into place. It was not due to my effort. I know that the Lord has made it happen. I thank Abba Father for opening my eyes and giving me little nudges from time to time to let me know how much He loves me.

When I was at my lowest the past few days, the message in the Daily Devotional yesterday (or was it the day before yesterday?) was that the Lord wants us to declare by faith that all is and shall be well with us, and expect to see just that. And then, no matter how bad the situation is, an explosion of restoration will take place, and we will see the miracle.

The miracle has indeed happened. Thank you, Father.

When things go wrong and everything points towards a disaster, somehow suddenly there is an about-turn and I see miracles happen, again and again. Last year, I was sharing the miracles with GP at such a frequent rate that she was stunned. You are a good friend, GP, and I thank the Lord for you. Now, can we finally meet up, please? Okay, okay... I know it is my fault. I simply cannot bring myself to travel all the way to meet up with you at HDB Hub. It is too far, my friend! :)

A thousand may fall at my right side and ten thousand on the other side, but it shall not come near me. The anointing oil of my Father protects me and keeps the enemies out. Their attacks will not bite me.

You won't believe this. I was chit-chatting with a friend this evening. She is Cantonese and likes to speak in Cantonese. She started speaking to me in Cantonese. To my own amazement, I managed to have a short conversation with her in Cantonese (ie. I actually spoke Cantonese!). heehee..... Now, I have to brush up my Japanese so that I can communicate with my friends who speak Japanese.

Speaking of the Japanese language, I have been thinking of adding a Japanese/Korean playlist to my blog. Hey LSD, Ah Boy and Ah Wen, any suggestions as to songs?

I had dinner with Da at the nearby hawker centre today. He was telling me about his friend who has an incurable medical condition called "cornea erosion". Goodness me! I have heard of detached retina but this is the first time that I have heard of cornea erosion. I told Da that he should ask his friend to put himself on the cornea transplant list as soon as possible. From what I know, the waiting time is probably very long because Asians tend to be superstitious and are reluctant to donate the corneas of their deceased relatives (the belief being that one should not go to the grave without one's eyes). On this note, it is often reported in the newspapers that there is a shortage of organ donors.

My friends, do you know anything about this condition called "cornea erosion"? If so, I would be grateful if you could share the information with me. Thank you and God Bless.

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wesirelander said...

Goodness me! Soon u'll be asking for french, german, irish, russian songs, etc? I do have a few latin songs..haha.. come you don't travel to where i work & have lunch with me? Is nearer compared to HDB hub. Can only conclude one thing, you are lazy!!! *shakes head*

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