Saturday, June 28, 2008


It was with a feeling of anticipation that I woke up this morning.

We were supposed to meet up with Da's 2 nieces for dinner last week but they had to take a raincheck at the last minute. The dinner was rescheduled to today.

Knowing that the girls like Japanese food, Da suggested Hanabi Japanese Restaurant located at:-

331 North Bridge Road

Odeon Towers

Singapore 188720

Tel: +65 6338 6626

I checked out Hanabi Restuarant's website and discovered that they serve ala-carte Japanese buffet. It seems that they have more than 110 items in their menu. Oishi!

We met the girls at Hanabi. They had gone out earlier in the day to meet their mother at TCC for coffee and cake at Marina area and they walked to Odeon Towers from there.

Brown Eyes has grown up to be such a pretty and gentle girl. Her little sister, Swimmer, takes great delight in telling me about the guys who try to chat up Brown Eyes. I remember that when I first knew Da, Brown Eyes was a little girl and doted on by everyone. She took a liking to me and she started to "stick" to Da and me. We often brought her out. Over the years, she has matured into such a lovely girl and a wonderful older sister to Swimmer. I was concerned when both girls said that they did not need us to fetch them for the dinner and insisted on making their own way there. My concern was unfounded. Brown Eyes is a responsible girl and she takes good care of Swimmer.

We had a lovely dinner. It was an ala-carte buffet dinner and we let the girls choose whatever they wanted. Gosh! They have such small appetites. Brown Eyes suggested that we refrain from ordering too many sushi items as the rice would fill us up.

We tried the beef ramen, chawanmushi, California maki, eel hand-roll, yaki tori, garlic fried rice, yaki udon, sashimi platter, assorted tempura, etc. The food is quite nice and the ambience is very cozy. The Odeon Towers outlet is not very big and I noticed that the tables would fill up quickly each time a table was vacated.

As the menu showed about 125 items, we had a difficult time choosing the food. Fortunately, Brown Eyes has been to Hanabi several times and she was able to recommend the nicer dishes.

After 2 or 3 rounds of food, the girls said that they were full. Da looked uncertain and I knew that he was nowhere near full. So, I asked him to order some more food. Caught up in the excitement of ordering more food, the girls placed some more orders of food for themselves (thank goodness, else Da and I would have looked like greedy pigs eating another round of food while the girls watched!).

I would recommend Hanabi Japanese Restaurant to others.

Do you know that "Hanabi" means "fireworks" in English?

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wesirelander said...

How come suddenly you know so much about chinese names, etc? Do I get to claim abit of the credit? heee..

Hey I know a few who doesnt live up to their names ok? If you want, I can give you a list. Trust me, u'll agree with me...

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