Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A test of faith

This blog is meant for 23 June 2008 but I have only just finished work for the day and it is now way past midnight. Better late than never.

I have come to realise something. The more I want to learn about our Abba Father and the more I want to walk in faith and see the favour of the Lord multiply in my life, the more the devil attacks me. It has happened more than once. In particular, when I am especially moved by a message I hear in church on Sunday, the attack from the devil comes as swiftly as the next day, which was what happened on 23 June 2008.

In all my years of working, I have had ups and downs. I have gone through trials and tribulations. I have come across my fair share of difficult and on the other hand, wonderful, clients. But never have I sat down at my chair as I did today, dazed, exhausted from crying and seriously considering throwing in my resignation.

I go to church every Sunday and learn about how the Lord loves us and wants us to enjoy a blessed life. And yet when I go to work the next day, I wonder how I ended up with such tremendous stress and inequality in treatment at my workplace. I reflect on it and wonder how can this be a blessed life?

I do not yearn to climb the corporate ladder. It has never been and will never be my priority in life. I do not deny that there are others who misunderstand my passion for my work as competition or ambition, or God knows what else they think. But it saddens me to see many people who work for the sake of working but who do not really enjoy what they do. In such situations, work becomes a chore for them and merely a means to an end (ie. salary). Interns and pupils that I have trained have often asked me what keeps me going at work. I tell them truthfully that I enjoy what I do.

Each day, I receive the Daily Devotional online. I usually print it out at the beginning of the day, but I only get an opportunity to sit down, read it and reflect upon it during lunch time or at the end of the day. Today, I had to work through lunch and I did not have any food to eat till late at night. Considering that I ate very little at breakfast (as I am down with very bad flu, etc), I wonder how I found the strength to sustain me for the whole work day. I know that the strength is not from within me but from my Father above.

I read the Daily Devotional for 23 June 2008 in the evening. It simply amazes me how Abba Father knows what I am going through, for the Daily Devotional that I received in the morning talked about the grace of God being the "undeserved, unearned and unmerited favour" and how the Lord want us to know that His favour in our life can be increased.

Father, You know that the more I behold your Son and His love for me, the more the devil comes against me. I reject the attack in Your holy name and I confess that Your favour is on me and is ever increasing.

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