Saturday, December 5, 2009

Outing with Aunt SN and MAT

Aunt SN (my mother's second sister) and Da's niece (MAT) were at our home this morning.

While waiting for Da to return home, MAT and I decided to go for a dip in the swimming pool in the development where Da and I live.

Gosh! The water in the swimming pool was so cold at 9+ in the morning! brrr.....

When Da came home, we went to Katong Shopping Centre for lunch. It has been years since Aunt SN went to Katong Shopping Centre.

We ate at the food court located at the basement level of Katong Shopping Centre.

MAT ordered the soup version of yong tau hu.

Aunt SN ordered the dry version of yong tau hu.

Da ordered a plate of Chinese rojak to be shared. I feel that the Chinese rojak sold at the Dunman Road hawker centre is nicer.

Da ordered a mini hot pot.

So did I!

My mini hot pot came with a bowl of noodles.

Da ate his mini hot pot with steamed white rice.

After lunch, we went to Rey-Im Cosmetics House at Katong Shopping Centre and bought some toiletries.

If you have not been to Katong Shopping Centre or if you have not gone there in a long time, do check it out. There are many small shops that sell interesting things at reasonable prices. Also, the food sold at the food court is delicious.


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