Monday, December 14, 2009

Down but not out

Da and I are both feeling under the weather.

Da started out with coughing that led to a lot of phlegm. He did not seem to have any running nose but his throat was not in a good condition.

The virus must have spread to me because I started to have the sniffles. My whole body was aching and I felt as though a ton of bricks was on me.

Da's condition worsened to the extent that his left cheek became swollen yesterday and it was painful if you were to press on the swell.

As such, both Da and I did not go to work today.

For lunch, we ate a simple meal of otah bread buns and raisin twist.

Our breadmaker also came in handy to bake a loaf of carrot bread as we were unable to get out of the house to buy a loaf of bread from the supermarket / grocery store.

We were very grateful to FIL and MIL who took the trouble to come over to our home in the evening with dinner. Thank you, PIL! It was very thoughtful of you.

Da ate porridge while I ate yong tau hu.

In this wet year-end season, the question on everyone's mind must be... "Should I get vaccinated against the H1N1 virus?". The issue is whether it would be more advisable to get immunised in the summer months or in the year-end wet months? I guess a visit to our General Practitioner to find out more is forthcoming.


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