Sunday, August 29, 2010

Routine sunday

Why did I name this post "routine sunday"?

The answer will become evident as you see the photographs in this post.


Yes, Qi Ji at Suntec Tower Two again.


Yes, Hans Cafe & Cake House at Suntec Tower Four again.


Yes, more rummaging through our refrigerator again.

I am down with influenza and my nose is running from here to Timbaktu. Not worry - by His stripes, I am healed!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Excursion to Changi Airport

I woke up late this morning as I reached home around midnight after work yesterday.

We decided to stay at home this morning. As such, I warmed up some bread buns, etc and we ate that for our breakfast.

The mug of tea that you see below is very creamy because it is a 3-in-1 teh tarik.

In the afternoon, we went "house hunting" with PIL. It was an interesting afternoon and we had the "pleasure" of seeing the ugly side of a housing agent who happened to be at the same development where we were at. This agent was neither our agent nor the prospective vendor's agent. He looked young but age is no excuse for lack of upbringing and lack of respect for elders and fellow housing agents.

As we made our way back to our home to freshen up, FIL commented that for him, he would have difficulty saying which of the various apartment units that we have viewed so far that he prefers. I think that the difficulty for him is that his current apartment unit, although smaller in floor area than many of those that we have viewed, appears to be more spacious because it is old (his development is more than 20 years old) and his unit does not have household shelter, utility room, yard, etc. As such, each room is larger than the newer developments.

In the evening, we went on an excursion to Changi Airport. MIL wanted to have dinner at the staff canteen and we proceeded to the staff canteen at Changi Airport Terminal 1. Gosh, the prices of the food sold at the staff canteen have gone up.

FIL ate pork mee sua (with soup).

MIL ate "spare parts" soup with steamed white rice.

MIL ordered for me meat ball soup with mee sua.

FIL and I found our dinner extremely salty. MIL, on the other hand, did not find her meal salty even though it was the same soup as FIL's and my soup.

Da was still full from our nonya buffet high tea (that we ate at Lion City Hotel's coffeehouse) and as such, he decided to have a drink only.

Singaporeans love to go for outings at our Changi Airport. I do not know whether this phenomenon happens in other countries as well. Our airport is world class and it is a wonderful place to have an outing. Also, the number of eating establishments there leave one spoiled for choice.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Trying day

It is almost midnight and I am wondering what I am doing at the computer at home.

Considering that I only managed to eat my dinner at 11.30 pm today, I guess my excuse would be that one needs at least 4 hours to digest a meal and hence, one should not go to bed immediately after eating.

I ate a slice of Don's chicken pie for my dinner.

I also drank half a mug of hot coffee.

Feeling a little greedy, I ate one of the tokiwado that PIL had brought to our home earlier this evening when I was still at work. Hmm.... despite the fact that the filling was red bean instead of my favourite peanut, I have to say that the tokiwado was delicious.

It was a long day for me at work today. My colleagues and I are in the midst of a project and hence, we are so swamped that our faces are turning green (in Hokkien, that would be "bin chair chair").

I pray for the Lord's strength to see me through this project and every project that I work on. I also pray for His victory and thank Him that He carries me on His shoulder and He walks through fire for me. All I have to do is to receive, receive and receive... and so I shall, in His name.

On a brighter note, we are planning a short trip to Perth, Australia in September 2010. It has been four years (if I recall correctly) since we last visited Perth. We have not been able to go on a holiday in recent years due to heavy work schedule. I am looking forward to the break although I do wish that it could be longer. No worries - I thank the Lord for little mercies and favours and I trust in Him to make this vacation (albeit short) a fantastic, blessed and restful one.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Marine Terrace coffee shop

PIL did not visit us this evening.

As such, Da went to Marine Terrace and bought dinner.

Da bought some gyoza to be shared by my mother, Da and me.

My mother ate steamed white rice with stir-fried fish slices.

Da ate fish porridge.

So did I. I found the quantity of rice in the fish porridge too much. After eating and eating and eating, I still had 3/4 container of rice left!

Here's a thought for the day.... would you buy an apartment unit that has a window in the kitchen (and hence sunlight and ventilation) but a smaller master bedroom or would you buy an apartment unit that has no window in the kitchen (ie. the ventilation and light are coming from the yard that is located next to the kitchen) but a bigger master bedroom? I would be grateful for your feedback.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Carbohydrates all round

Recently, I have been asked why the write-ups in my posts are so short nowadays.

Well, I have been trying to springclean our home lately and as such, I end up with less time for blogging than what I would have liked.

Have you often wondered how you managed to accumulate so many things at home? Well, I am now facing this dilemma. I go through the wardrobes and I take out items that I have not seen in a long time. I stare at them and wonder what to do with them.

Someone once told me that when it comes to clothes, if you have not worn them in the last one year, chances are that you will never wear them again, so there is no point keeping them unless you have a specific reason to (eg. it was your wedding dress).

It helps that recycling bins are readily available everywhere nowadays as people become more conscious of the benefits of recycling. Also, there are people who would be happy to receive hand-me-downs because they accumulate these in order to bring them abroad to be donated to orphanages / the poor, etc. It's all for a good cause.

I have to admit, though, that I have not been very successful in my latest foray into springcleaning. After rummaging through our wardrobes/storeroom, I end up moving the items from this location to that location. Not much of a springcleaning, huh? I have to buckle up my efforts otherwise at the rate I am going, I will be going round in circles.

Enough of this talk about springcleaning.

Let's move onto a more interesting topic - food!

Our dinner was laden with carbohydrates today.

My mother ate steamed white rice with ingredients.

Da ate nonya dumplings.

I ate fried rice vermicelli with ingredients.

Burp! I am feeling extremely full right now... and getting a little sleepy. Oh no! Stay awake! Time for more springcleaning.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Suntec sunday

We ate our brunch at Qi Ji at Suntec Tower Two today.

Da ordered mee rebus.

I ordered soup noodles.

We also ordered tea (without milk) and kopi-si. However, the staff got our order mixed up and we ended up with tea (without milk) and teh-si.

After Princess' enrichment class, we decided to go to Hans for our tea break.

Da ordered a beef superburger.

I ordered half boiled eggs so that I could share the eggs with Princess.

It has been an exhausting weekend. As such, we decided to eat in for dinner.

I warmed up some char siew and tau sar pau. I also made ham cheese toast.

Our hot drink for our dinner was coffee.

We also ate pineapple tarts that we had bought from Glory Catering yesterday.

After dinner, I boiled a fresh batch of soup stock which is to be used to cook porridge for Princess. Once the stock as cooled down, I will freeze them.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

MAT's birthday party

We had lunch with PIL and Da's niece (SCT) at Glory Catering this afternoon.

Glory Catering is located at East Coast Road.

PIL ordered the dishes for the lunch.

Other than the beansprouts, all the other dishes had chilli in them.

Glory Catering is very popular with those who live in the eastern part of Singapore.

Their one-dish meals such as mee rebus, mee siam, lontong, etc are also very popular.

I like their tarik drinks.

And to end the meal on a sweet note... kueh kueh!

After lunch, Da's sister, her husband (TYK), their other daughter (MAT) and TYK's mother joined us. Everyone adjourned to Awfully Chocolate located at the junction of Joo Chiat Road and East Coast Road.

Princess ate some awfully chocolatey chocolate ice cream. Yummy!

Dinner was held at the home of SIL.

It was to celebrate the birthday of MAT.

MAT turns 13 years of age this year.

There was a lovely spread of dishes.

The birthday cake was an oreo cheesecake.

MAT invited some of her schoolmates to the party as well.

One of MAT's schoolmates has the same name as Princess. She was tickled pink when she found out Princess' name.

Happy birthday, MAT! May the favour of the Lord be upon you always.
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