Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dinper? Suppner?

When you eat breakfast cum lunch, it is called "brunch".

When you eat lunch cum teatime, it is called "tunch".

What do you call dinner cum supper? "Dinper"? "Suppner"?

This was my mother's breakfast this morning:-

And my breakfast:-

Not to mention the hot mug of coffee.

I had to work late today.

By the time I came home and sat down to dinner, it was past 11 pm. Da had bought for me fried rice vermicelli from the hawker centre at Albert Complex today.

Da waited for me to have dinner. His dinner was bought by his mother. She had bought a toufu dish.

And some barbequed pork ribs.

Da ate his ingredients with steamed white rice.

And now... back to my original question. Did we eat "dinper" or "suppner"?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Microwave magic

I learned a new "trick" from my mother today.

Usually, when I warm up bread buns that have been kept in the refrigerator, I will warm them up in the oven.

This morning, my mother told me that if you microwave the bread buns on HIGH for about 20 to 30 seconds, the buns will be warm and soft. And indeed they were!

Naturally, such yummy buns would need to be enjoyed with a hot mug of coffee.

Bon appetit!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Delicious leftovers

Princess' 1st birthday party

The "getting up" for Princess' birthday party today started yesterday.

I baked a kaya pistachio cake for the party.

As we had vegetarian/vegan guests at the party, I also baked a vegan fruit cake for the party.

Since I was "on a roll", I ended by baking an egg-less rainbow cake for the party.

Last night, PIL came to our home and we had a "taste test" first. Having gotten the thumbs up from PIL, I packed the cakes for today's party.

Da's niece, MAT came to our home late last night and she stayed over.

Da had to work this morning. As such, I rummaged through our refrigerator (yes, GP, I could not help saying this just to tease you!) and warmed up some snacks for MAT's and my breakfast.

MAT drank a cold Milo wihle I drank a hot mocca.

In the afternoon, we made our way to PIL's home. The party would be held at the function room of the development where PIL live.

As the balloons would be delivered around 3 pm, FIL joined us for lunch at the cafeteria located at the clubhouse of his development.

I ordered Hong Kong mee.

Da ordered salted fish fried rice.

MAT ordered seafood hor fun.

FIL ordered seafood crispy noodles.

We also ordered a side dish of fried toufu. Princess ate one of the pieces of the toufu.

When the function room was made available to us at 3 pm, we entered the function room and started preparing for the party.

(Balloons ordered from Balloons Paradise)

(view of the sea from the 18th storey lift lobby of PIL's block)

(WC's camera, I think....)

SIL's family came early to help us.

It's party time! Enjoy the photographs in this post.

The buffet was catered from ECreative Catering.

(Princess' god-sister, IL)

(background - magician from Mr Botttle)

(The birthday girl)

Princess' birthday falls on 28 June. Happy birthday, darling girl. May the favour of the Lord be upon you always. You are highly favoured, deeply loved and greatly blessed.
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