Sunday, July 15, 2012

We all need God's Grace

Lord, Your favour and Your Grace last a lifetime. Grace has got to do with Jesus. God says He will be merciful and our sins He will remember no more. When we look at Jesus, we are transformed.

Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord. See Jesus and God will give the breakthrough. God will make a way when there seems to be no way.

When you try to pretend to be someone you are not, you have difficulty receiving His love. Be yourself! God wants us to know that He loves us.

Do not take so little when He is so great and His favour is bountiful.

When you take Grace away from faith, it is a serious thing with God. Grace is the gospel of Jesus. We believe in good works, not dead work. We have influence with God. We pray because we are right with God. Right believing will produce right living. To him who rests and believes in a God who justifies the unholy (the Cross changed everything), his faith is accounted to him for righteousness.

When we cannot, God can. Do not rely on our own effort. The Laws give birth to bondage. God supplies righteousness as a gift to man. If you hold onto the Law, you will be in bondage. We receive the gift of righteousness and God sees us right with Him. We are the children of promise.

Grace is given to the humble. The Holy Spirit cannot flow when the Law is in our lives. Our Christian life will blossom when the Law is out of our lives. God wants inward transformation.

Whenever faith and Grace meet, there is laughter. There is noise in the house of God. Woo-hoo!!

God renews our youth. When we are under Grace, we are at rest and we are not stressed.

Jesus came to give us Grace. When Grace came, it brought us into maturity. We have the spirit of sonship. We are an heir of God through Christ.

The attempt to get right with God before we take Communion is falling from Grace. Do not stir our flesh. Do not trust in our own efforts. Bring us home into the promised land by your Grace. When we are under Grace, we rest and trust in Him and we get fruit of the Spirit, which fruit is the result of life.

When we are under the Law, we cannot see when good comes. The Law makes us self-reliant. When we are under Grace, God opens our eyes. Do not have a finger-wagging religion. Whenever we touch the Law, arrows are being shot at us.

After the Law is removed from our lives, Grace is enough in our lives. God is with us in all that we do. Favour flows in our lives like a mighty river. God will make us the head and not the tail. When we are completely under Grace, even the people of the world will entreat our favour. The world will see that God is with us when we no longer have the Law in our lives. Let us understand all that Grace is. Those not skilled in the word of righteousness are babies.

We are now possessing our possessions. We are now possessing the land.

In these last days, the good news of Jesus will flow like torrential flood. The only help we can get comes from the One above. Human effort cannot prevail anymore.

It is time for us to come to God in simplicity.

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Kent said...

Hi, any update from your blog ? I like reading your life with Jesus

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