Sunday, July 1, 2012

He supplies more than enough

Whenever you see Jesus, you see supply.

He will give us more than enough to meet our needs. Glory to Jesus!

Whatever little we have, when placed in His hands, when we believe in Him, it becomes more than enough.

We are never alone, even though we think we are alone and even though it feels like we are alone. He never takes His eyes off us. The love of our Father is not blind - it is attentive and it acts on our behalf. God considers us the apple of His eye. He looks on us with love and favour. He comes to us. Nothing is too hard on Him. He looks out for us. We matter to Him.

We have the ability to do great things when we believe in Him. As He is, so are we. Even when our faith fails, the moment we cry, He comes to us and every storm is stilled in His presence because He loves us.

Whatever little we have is multiplied in His hands.

Let us not harden our hearts. Believe that Jesus loves us and His eyes will never leave us. The solution to unbelief is to believe the perfect love of God. Perfect love will cast out every fear from our hearts. His eyes are always on us. If anyone touches us, he touches the apple of His eye and He will come for us.

In the day of judgment, we have boldness. Boldness comes when we know that we are loved. If we are fearful, it is because we think that God does not love us enough to come for us. When we know His love, it makes us bold. Have a revelation of how much God loves us.

God is always present with us, by His Holy Spirit. God is in our situation. Jesus and His love lift us up. His eyes are on us.

God is love. His desire is that we would run to Him and be loved by Him. We do not just run away from fear. We run to His arms and He will carry us. We have boldness in the day of crisis because as He is, so are we in this world. We can step out and walk on the water. When we have to do something that is challenging to us, it is okay because it is by His strength that we are able to it. In His presence, we become strong.

God knows. We are not alone. His eyes are on us. He comes and He is attentive to our cry. When He steps in, every storm is stilled. The love of God never fails. Because Jesus went to the Cross, He paid the penalty for all our sins. As He is, so are we in this world.

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