Monday, April 2, 2012

The swing door

The left panel of the swing door that you see in the above picture had been faulty for some time. When you open the door, it swings back so hard and fast that it can slam against and hit a person. What is more frightening is that this swing door is located next to a childcare centre.

Despite several feedback from parents to the childcare centre and (as I understand it) feedback from the childcare centre to the building's management, nothing was done. I am not a building expert but in my layman thinking, would not a simple change of the door closer solve the problem?

This morning, we took the photograph above, intending to file a complaint with the government building authority if the situation was not improved. After we took the photograph, we realised that the supervisor of the childcare centre had noticed us.

That evening, we were informed (and yes, we tested the door) that the building's management had fixed the door. It seems that the administrator of the childcare centre had that day informed the building's management that a parent of the childcare centre had that morning taken a photograph of the swing door (quare: was she referring to our taking of the photograph?) and would be filing a complaint to the higher authorities.

I am thankful that the problem has been fixed but I am disappointed that the response time by the building's management was so slow and so late because several feedback had for some time already been given to the childcare centre about the faulty door and I understand that the childcare centre had been trying for some time to get the building's management to fix the door.

To those in charge of management of buildings - it is irrelevant whether it is a childcare centre, a beauty salon or even a cinema located next to a faulty swing door. When the door is faulty and swings back very fast and hard, it can cause injury to an adult and even more so to a precious little one. Please spare a thought for public safety.

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