Monday, December 27, 2010

Much ado about king-sized beds

On Christmas Day this year, PIL accompanied us to the Furniture Mall to check out king-sized beds.

We had recently taken a look at the beds sold in this shop and liked what we saw.

We ordered a king-sized bed.

The padding is beige in colour.

The bed frame measures 77" (width) x 84" (length).

The legs of the bed are 6" high.

The bed rest is 5" high. As such, the mattress will be 11" above ground level.

The padded headboard is 11" thick.

We selected the standard 8" thick Dunlopillow mattress but requested for the firmer mattress.

The bed comes with two complimentary pillows.

We will be having the side tables custom-made.

We were advised to state a tentative delivery date which can be postponed if need be but would be difficult to bring forward.

We decided to indicate a tentative delivery date of 15 January 2011.

The model of the mattress is called "Back Rest". Such a cute name!

This is the first time that we are buying a king-sized bed.

I think that Princess will enjoy playing on the bed. *grin*

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