Saturday, July 16, 2011

Brunch at Jalan Tua Kong

It has been at least 2 years since Da and I last ate at the Jalan Tua Kong coffeeshop.

The stallholders were surprised to see us after so long.

There has been a change. One of our favourite stalls, the one run by Xiao Mei selling (inter alia) nasi lemak is no longer there. The other stalls have remained.

Da ordered Thai style hor fun while I ordered Hong Kong mee. The zi char lady has the memory of an elephant - she served my Hong Kong mee exactly the way I liked it (without us requesting) - chicken (instead of seafood) with deep fried garlic as garnishing and no chilli. Amazing!

Today was also the first time that the stallholders saw Princess. The zi char boss gave her a sweet, for which she thanked him sweetly. She also charmed the drink stall uncle (who told her gaily that he was the "brother" of her daddy). Ah... memories have not faded indeed. *grin*

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